It was in 2017,I knew Sergi throught Aliexpress.He is a very active Guy and really wants to know about Chinese manufacturers. He saw many sellers selling the same sex dolls, and everyone told him that they were manufacturers. So Sergi was very confused. He does not believe that every seller is a factory manufacturer.

   But why did Sergi choose to cooperate with us? Later, Sergi told me the reason he chose us because I responded to the questions he consulted very quickly, and I solved all his problems.

Why so many sellers said they are factories? Because everyone wants to do business well and doesn't want to lose customers.Though they are agents. But the agent can provide better service than the factory. Because they have professional foreign trade salesmen.

One day, Sergi told me that he was coming to China to take a look at our factory. I was very happy. Sergi and his wife Maritsa, Matteo, Miss Lai, and a British friend who seldon to talk so that I forgot his name . 

They arrived in Hong Kong airport , and I arranged a driver to pick them up to our company . Sergi was very surprised when he saw me. Because I were so young that he couldn’t believe I am the Boss of a company.

Below are the reason why Sergi choose our compamy.

Sergi was in China for four days and I arranged all the itineraries for him. Meals, hotels,all expenses are free. I also took him to see other factories. But finally Sergi chose to cooperate with me.

1. Professional foreign trade personnel can reply to information in time to solve customer problems.

2. High-quality products, It is hard to find out the quality is good or not though pictures.. Only when you see the product and touch it can you truly feel the quality of the product.

3. We are an excellent team. We can cooperate with Sergi to develop robots and help him buy smart electronic product accessories in China.

4. When Sergi wants to participate in a media interview in Spain. Our sealsman are able to take our most important new product to him by flight.

So far ,Sergi often comes to China, and brought us gifts. Spanish cup. Red wine, various special gifts.