USB rechargeable Electric Penis Pump Enlargement Pump Automatic Vacuum Suction Penis Extend Sex Toy Exercise

End of suspension:

1. Before using, try it on your own stomach to feel the pressure and operation method.

2. Long press the second button below to stop the vacuum pressure suction. Then press the first button to release the vacuum pressure.

3. Click the second button. When the fourth consecutive click is reached, the vacuum pressure suction will be stopped.

Instructions for use:

1. The green button above: release the air pressure, long press to release the air pressure.

2. The green button below: suction channel, there are 3 intensities in total. Click to start, and every time you click, the upgrade increases the intensity. The fourth click will stop.


1. Use according to the intensity of the vacuum pressure you bear. If you feel pain, press the first button to release the vacuum pressure.

2. At the beginning of use, try the first gear first. When you can withstand the vacuum suction, if you want to increase the vacuum pressure, click again to increase the strength.

3. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop

4. The daily exercise time cannot be too long. Don't over-exercise.